Refund / Cancellation Policy

DiagEasy Healthcare Private Limited is committed & dedicated towards its services and ensures to facilitates right procedures based on the information or document (i.e. “prescriptions”) received from the consumer.

In case a refund is claimed for a Medical Test:

  1. A supporting document should be required from an authorized lab or person.
  2. A report comparison beyond 7 days will not be considered in normal cases whereas in Chronic disorder cases exemptions up to 12 days can be granted depending on clinical guidelines for the test.
  3. Variations for Lipid profile will not be considered for claiming a refund.
  4. For Thyroid cases, only significant variations in TSH levels will only be considered.
  5. If the reports have been challenged and no proper justifications (i.e. reasonable clarification by either DiagEasy team or Lab) has been provided.
  6. For the verification purpose during any discrepancy in reports, DiagEasy Quality team can request a Free re-sample from 2 different labs wherein 1 sample will be processed in our networking lab and another in an authorized lab as an ILC (“Intra Lab Comparison).

Refund Process:

In case if the claim found valid, a refund will be provided as mentioned below:

  1. Order placed through COD (Cash on Delivery)/Card Payment/UPI will be refunded to the consumer bank account through NEFT within 7-10 Days from the date of confirmation of refund.


Cancellation by Consumer:

Scheduled appointment can be cancelled before the sample collection.