Our Labs

Quality Control

Accuracy & precision first with DiagEasy, Our partnered labs follow’s NABL guideline & process for quality control to ensure 100% accuracy.

Reports Accepted Globally

Reports trusted by all Doctors globally

Records Management & MAC Data

Our patient records for reports stores in our cloud storage along with the mac data fetched directly from the machine to validate no manipulation should be done with patient results & 100% Authenticity.


All our partnered Lab’s participate in EQAS (External quality control also called proficiency testing) helps evaluates a laboratory's testing results by comparing them to those of similar laboratories.


Ingenuity drives us from digitalization & lot to energy efficient robotics machineries equipped by our partnered labs.

12Hrs Reporting TAT

Same Day reporting with 12 Hrs. TAT for Routine Blood or Urine investigations except in case of special investigations.

Bar coded & bi-directional system

All Blood & Urine Samples are barcoded in lab and registered on our system before going for processing as an important part of our digitalized system to track:

  • Unique identifier for the facility from where the sample is coming from;
  • Lot number identifying patient details;
  • Product code & reporting.

Automated interfacing processes with minimal manual errors.