Smoking Tests

You must have had read this smoking is injurious to health, the habit of Smoking/tobacco can create big problems for you. Smoking increases the chances of having a brain stroke by 2 to 4 times. Also, due to smoking, the arteries of the heart start dilating, due to which the flow of blood starts decreasing. In such a situation, the risk of heart attack increases for the person. Using Smoking/tobacco regularly harms your body. It will cause diseases, cancer, lung diseases, diabetes, etc apart from being a contributing factor in many health issues. Tobacco use harms every organ in your body. Some serious illnesses that are caused by smoking: ● Cancer ● Heart disease ● Stroke ● Lung diseases ● Weakened immune system ● Diabetes ● Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ● Erectile dysfunction ● Cancer Effects of smoking: ● Hemorrhoid ● Breathlessness ● Skin damage ● Unhealthy teeth ● Loss of smell ● Voice effect and sore throat ● Hair fall How to quit smoking/how to stop smoking? Quitting smoking first you need to have decided to quit smoking. Don’take change in your pocket. If you are trying to quit smoking you have to do quitting smoking slowly like if you take 8 cigarettes in 1 day, start taking 6 cigarettes for 1 week, and next week start taking 4 cigarettes then you can quit smoking. How much cigarette smoking is safe? In 1 month 1 to 2 cigarettes are fine. Does smoking cause hair loss? Yes, Smoking can potentially damage your hair follicles and increase your risk of developing hair loss. Tests for Smoking ● Test Name - Electrocardiogram (ECG) Rs. before - 899/- Now Rs. 499/- ● Diabetes Screening Fasting Blood Sugar, HbA1c, Complete Urine Routine, Examination (CUE), LIPID Profile, LFT, BUN, Creatinine, Urea, Creatinine Ratio, CUE, Protein Creatinine Ratio ( Urine Spot), TSH Rs. before - 1999/- Now Rs. 1199/- ● Vitamin D Rs. before - 999/- Now Rs. 599/-